Erin Smith


Most of my clients feel the same way as you about getting in front of the camera... I do  away with all those nerves and take you to a gorgeous outdoor location where relaxing and being yourself is key—all while having fun and lots of laughs in between!

It's not just about the images created, but the experience from start to finish..


From helping with styling, to playing in the golden light..finally delivering a beautiful one of a kind, unique hand edited gallery for you to share with your loved ones.


Erin is originally from Southern California, shooting with twenty years photography experience. Trained in black and white, color and digital processing, she travels up and down the beautiful California coast, capturing intimate memories to share...Alley Cat was inspired by her rescue cat, "Rocket." 


(All Covid-19 safety protocols in place)

Lest not forget...

"The camera is the least important element in photography"- Julius Shulman

Xo Erin


Tel: 707-776-7118


The Original Alley Cat