Erin Smith


Hi, I'm Erin and welcome!

Have you ever wondered where the Instagram trademark rainbow came from? 


You got it!


From the old Polaroid Land Camera from back in the day (fun fact I own a 1980's version). I would say my love of photography started here..when I would watch my mother photograph our family. 

So happy Polaroids made a killer comeback.

A Cali girl true and true, I travel up and down the coast wherever my work takes me. I have not only had amazing times photographing clients but have ended up with some pretty great friends too! 

I would love to meet and walk you through  my process so not only will you and your loved ones (furry family members included) feel completely at ease...but will have lots of laughs and amazing memories to keep forever.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Trained in:

  • Black and White Digital/Film

  • Studio 

  • Portraiture

  • Macro

  • Manual Photography


Tel: 707-776-7118



The Original Rescue Alley Cat


Xoxo Erin

LGBTQ Friendly

Pronouns "She" "Her"