• Erin E. George

So You've Booked A Photography Session...

SO, You booked your photography session. Good for you!

Sometimes it can be hard to pull the trigger since camera phones, severely discounted sessions(watch out for these) and many amateur photogs seem to be popping up everywhere. You begin to ask yourself, "Why do I even need a session?"

Well, the proof is definitely in the pudding if you do your research and you play your cards right. The camera does not make a great photog...the photog makes any camera they hold in their hands magical and will help you NOT look like you stepped back into the 90's (I'm talking to you black/white shirts with jeans).

HALP. Too many jeans....too many.

And if you've REALLY done your research, then you know your photog can edit/retouch like a boss on top of it....but wait there's more.

After you've booked your session, where do you go from there? Your photographer should be there to guide you along the way. No ifs ands or BUTTS. Well maybe some butts on camera :)

But really guys...why would you pay a premium session, only to feel like you're in the dark on what to wear, how to pose and when to arrive for the light. You're paying for not only the photographers skills and time, but GUIDANCE.

A 2-D image is definitely not the same as what we see in real life...so if you come across a photographer that you've decided to book that session with, make sure you ask...and know what you are getting with the package. A photographer that truly cares about not only your images, but your experience..is one worth waiting for.

When a client books with us, they not only get our expertise in photo composition, light, manual camera settings but flawlessly retouched images in the end. That means each photo is HAND edited with custom presets that I have created myself over time. Sure it takes us a little longer to edit a session, but ask our previous clients...It is worth it.

So pretty please with a pineapple on top (that was for you Julian!)

Do your research on your session.


XO Erin

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